Pathologies of the Retina

The retina is a thin layer of tissue on the inside back wall of your eye.

The retina contains millions of light-sensitive cells (rods and cones) and other nerve cells that receive and organize visual information. Your retina sends this information to your brain through your optic nerve, enabling detailed visual perception including colors.

Treatment is available for some retinal diseases. Depending on your condition, treatment goals may be to stop or slow the disease and preserve, improve or restore your vision. Untreated, some retinal diseases can cause severe vision loss or blindness.

Resolv ER® is a novel drug formulation that separates the vitreous from the retina. This is useful in treating or reducing the risk of progression for many different retinal pathologies.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Diabetic Macular Edema
  • Vitreomacular Traction
  • Retinal Tear
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Macular Hole

Initial Focus

Resolv ERwill be a first in class drug for the treatment of patients with vitreoretinal pathologies. Resolv ER will be administered as an intravitreal injection of liposome loaded urea compound for the inducement of a total Posterior Vitreous Detachment for the treatment of Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (NPDR). The progression of Diabetic Retinopathy tends to be less severe in patients with a total PVD. Diabetic Retinopathy and its subsequent effects are the most common cause of blindness in adults.